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DocMate™ - Clinical Practice Management Software

Docmate software is clinic practice management software. It has been designed by the support of doctors with a view to keep the time taken    for keeping records of a patient online to bare minimum. It reduces paperwork and improves patient care. This software provides the clinician a    quick access to the patient records. The clinician can maintain Patient demographic records, complete history, Visit record, prescriptions, clinical    notes, drug interactions etc. The patient list browsing with quick details on the basis of name, address, parent name, registration number in    descending and ascending orders. Doctor can also maintain patient details with records of patient images, critical drug information and    photographs.

Main Functions and Features of DocMate
    Direct digital still and video images into the patient records

   -- Most advanced feature - First Time in India
   -- Capture digital images directly from operating instruments such as endoscopes, laryngoscopes, microscopes, ultrasound, echocardiography,       and x-ray machines
   -- Use any digital cameras for patient images ideal for dentists, plastic surgeons, and surgeons
   -- Keep them as video or still images
   -- Play back whenever required
   -- These digital images are kept visit wise for each patient. These images can be printed on paper along with doctor comments
   -- These can also be used for slide making, email and other publishing works.

    Voice Recognition On
   -- Voice record any details of patient
   -- Medical Transcription later on whenever required
   -- Direct Data conversion into text using any voice recognition software into patient details for neat and clean records.
   -- You can listen to these recordings whenever required.

   Patient Visit Review
   -- All list of past visits with complaint, diagnosis and treatment.
   -- At a glance doctor can have date wise review of visits starting from most recent visit to previous visits.
   -- Complete details of vitals, complaints, findings, investigations, diagnosis, instructions and treatment given can be seen while patient gets       settled in the chair.

   History and Clinical Notes Review
    -- Maintain patients History (Past, present, and social) along with past and present problems.
    -- Two mouse clicks will show the complete details to the doctor.

    Receipts, Bills and Panel Billing (Company Billing)
   -- Maintain categorized charge list
   -- Issue bill, receipt to the patient depending on services rendered. Print receipt collection list can also be printed.
   -- Doctor can keep track of panel billing by selecting the panel companies. A bill can be printed to these companies as and when required.

   -- Patient Details Sheets
   -- Complete patient history along with history, Clinical notes, Visits, Immunization Patient visit list
   -- Prescription with option of printing any of the prescription details
   -- Patient Billing
   -- Patient slip
   -- Receipt
   -- Bills
   -- Information to patients
   -- Patient list
   -- Receipt Register
   -- Immunization
   -- Immunization card
   -- Immunization due report
   -- Immunization reminder
   -- Vaccine wise
   -- Report Referring doctor list

    --List of appointments for any day, date, period

   Obs and Gynae Details
    It works as per your specialty (Customization)
    -- Use your own words.
    -- Docmate is very versatile and can moulded as per the specialty of the doctor. Docmate gives list of predefined set of information as per your       specialty. You can change, add, and remove as per your own method of working.

    Predefined Formats
   -- Each physician has own method of recording patient details such as history, clinical notes, complaints, diagnosis, and findings. These are       multiple-choice type of options which can be just tick marked. The physician can also type any further details if needed.

    Multi specialty Option
   -- Available as optional package under Docmate-Polyclinic. Here each doctor is able to see own patient details.

    -- The prescriptions can be directly printed or faxed or emailed as required. The Clinician can choose among various parameters to be printed in         the prescription.

    Remote Access
   -- Using any remote access software the clinician can access patient records from anywhere.

   Patient Informatics
   -- Animations, Photos, Video Clips, Written text
   -- Docmate includes standard patient information brochures, or you can create your own. These details can be animations, video clips,       photographs, hand drawn pictures and written text.
   Patient Certificates, Letters, Consent Forms
    -- Written certificates such as fitness certificates, referral letters, consent forms can be designed as per your own wordings and can be       printed.

   Supporting Information Base
   -- Referring doctors -- Panel companies -- Drug Databases -- Generic details -- Indications -- Group -- Side effects -- Interactions -- Precautions    -- Contra Indications -- Trade Details -- Manufacturer -- Predefined complaint, diagnosis, treatment profiles -- Informatics databases -- Pictures,        text, video clips, animations -- Letters and certificates -- Charges details.

   Single or Multi-users
    The Docmate is available for one user or many users under network. The multi-user Docmate gives access to all the staff. The users can also    be allowed or disallowed access to information as per requirements. The multiple doctors can also share the information for patient. Secretary    can also keep track of appointments, arrival and departure of patient. The doctor can view list of arrived and appointed patients as and when    required.

    Ease of use
    Docmate has been designed as per normal medical practice followed in keeping patient record. You need not be computer literate to work this    software. With minimum number of keystrokes you can record patient data efficiently and without loosing primary objective of giving maximum    attention to your patient. The patient details can be put in place either by typing or by clicking few options or by voice recording.

Hardware & Software Requirements
Docmate is windows based software and runs on windows-95, 98, SE, NT, ME, 2000. It therefore enjoys total support and interaction with    other windows based software products. It can be used in conjunction with fax, Internet, email, remote access software's effortlessly. For    minimum performance following configuration is required.

Configuration Minimum Requirement Best Performance
Floppy Drive
Hard Disk
Key Board

Pentium Class CPU
1.2 GB or more
Minimum Resolution 800x600
Windows 95/98/2000/NT
P III 650 MHz or more
10 GB or more>
Minimum Resolution 800x600
Windows 95/98/2000/NT


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