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LabMate™ - Pathology Labs, X-ray, Ultrasound and Diagnostic Management Software

The LabMate software is for pathology labs, X-ray, Ultrasound and medical diagnostic centers management. The pathology labs, X-ray,    ultrasound and medical diagnostic centers are the most important part of today's health care industry. These centers process large number of    lab specimen samples, x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MR  investigations for the patients sent by several independent physicians, hospitals    and referring laboratories. The centers have to perform the investigations and give the reports to the patients and other physicians in time. The    record of patients and their investigation reports also have to be kept in proper fashion for MIS reports, future reference and billing.

   The critical issue faced by these centers is to seek a cutting edge solution to automate its result reporting system along with management of    patient records and billing of various related parties. In the current competitive marketplace nicely presented reports along with zero errors    would provide competitive advantage to the lab or diagnostic center. Assessment and quality control of the results is another area of    importance. Diagnostic centers use different type of reagents and other chemicals to conduct tests during various time periods. The chemical    quality and expiry along with the human errors can cause havoc with the results.
   The Labmate software helps in solving these problems. Labmate program helps in performing several diagnostic center management functions.    Some of the functions, which can be done by this program, are:

   -- A centralized patient booking and issuing of a booking slip
   -- Issuing of Receipt, Bill to the patient
   -- Recording of lab results
   -- Printing of patient reports
   -- Maintenance of daily collection, balances
   -- Other management reports such as doctor wise collection company wise collection. Keeping Patient History
   -- Diagnosis wise trends
   -- View results of a period with statistical and graphical presentation for quality control.
       Labmate does not help in conducting the lab tests in any way.

Who can use it?
The program helps in management of most of the types of laboratory & diagnostic center units. It can be used for clinical, diagnostic center,     hospital & nursing home labs.
    LabMate helps in making different kinds of lab reporting. Major areas of lab reporting Pathology (Biochemistry, Hematology, Urine, Stool, Semen     Analysis etc), Histopathology, Microbiology, Immunology, X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG, EEG, Echo, CT Scan etc have been already included in into the     system. The user can also add on, modify the required investigation in the system through a user-friendly menu driven operation.

Main functions of LabMate
LabMate is divided into three basic steps:
   -- Patient Booking.
   -- Result Reporting
   -- Lab Management information reporting
    First two functions are the major functions for preparing patient reports. The third function gives critical controlling reports.

   Patient Booking:
   The patient booking consists of:
   -- Adding the patient details
   -- Marking the tests for the patient
   -- Issuing a booking slip, a receipt and a bill

    The Patient name, Age, Sex, Referring Doctor, Address is the main information recorded in this step. This record is used in reporting the results     of the patient. After booking the patient details, the tests are marked by double clicking a test in a list of tests. The list of test contains the     charges against each test. Total charges to be taken from the patient are added automatically and can be seen on the screen.

    After booking, a booking slip is printed out and is given to the patient. This slip becomes reference document for the patient to go to various     departments for sample collection and also can be used as reference document at the time of delivery of the report. The patient can also be     issued a bill and a receipt after booking.

    Result Reporting:
    After carrying out the lab tests the results can be reported using the booking made against the patients. The result-reporting module is the most     important part of the Labmate system. It helps in reporting and printing the lab results. The patients can be chosen in any manner as convenient     for reporting.
    It is not important to book patients at the time of arrival of the patients. The same can be done at any time before reporting. With this maintenance     of register are necessary and the booking slips, receipts; bills cannot be issued to the patient. The numbers of tests, which can be reported at     one time for a patient, are unlimited (subject to change). This capability combined with ease of reporting is one of the strengths of the Labmate     program.

   Lab Management & Information Reporting:
   The center in-charge requires daily information such as:
   -- Total workload
   -- Number of Patients arrived
   -- Tests already done
   -- Tests not done yet
   -- Total Collection Reports done, printed
   -- Reports not done, not printed

    The Labmate program provides these reports for better lab management. These reports can be produced for a day or for a particular period.     For the labs, which have business connections with referencing doctors, labs, nursing homes, and other such institutions, information on the     business provided by them can be printed on periodic basis. In case of labs, which are working under panel of some companies, similar kind of,     reports can be produced for billing these companies.

To achieve maximum benefits from the system, Labmate has following features:
   -- No preformatted report forms are required.
   -- The test parameters such as method, normal values, measurement units are changeable as and when required.
   -- Any new test addition can also be done at any time. The limit is virtually unlimited. -- Can report any number of tests for one patient.
   -- Results are reported for only those tests, which have been selected for the patient. For example if ESR is to be reported for the patient, then       only ESR results will be printed in the report and not the entire Hematology.

Hardware & Software Requirements
Labmate program is used with computers having the Windows based operating systems. For minimum performance following configuration is     required.

Configuration Minimum Requirement Best Performance
Floppy Drive
Hard Disk
Key Board

Pentium Class CPU
1.2 GB or more
Minimum Resolution 800x600
Windows 95/98/2000/NT
P III 650 MHz or more
10 GB or more>
Minimum Resolution 800x600
Windows 95/98/2000/NT


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