Training for Clients Training for Busysoft Employees

Training for Clients

The actual value of your IT partner comes into play after the purchase of your software. When you choose Busysoft Systems as your healthcare IT partner, you’ll receive a total solution, from planning and implementation to training and support. Our extensive training programs include various training models managed by dedicated, highly-skilled, professional, and enthusiastic trainers. The training is on-site as well as online training. The Product manuals and online access to materials such as FAQs and video tutorials are available.

Busysoft offers a combination of training, hands-on assignments, follow-up, and support to take you and your staff through each level of exercise until you feel confident in your skills and ability to use your solution effectively. Our training methods include:

  • On-site Training in your clinical environment
  • Remote Virtual Training
  • Online Self-Paced Training FAQ’s
  • Online Video tutorials
  • Webinars

Busysoft training manuals reinforce the training you receive and provide an easy-to-use reference for refreshing your knowledge and skills. Printed and online manuals are available during the initial and ongoing training programs.

Training for Busysoft Employees



Busysoft believes in product training for its clients & their supportive members but also its in-house people. We always focus primarily on the learning needs of our employees. Practical workforce training to the employees of Busysoft plays a significant role in providing unconditional & quality support to its clients. A timeline designed to organize training programs on various topics, from Self-Development Program & a Disaster Management Program to a training program on Information Security Policies & Maintenance Plans. Busysoft employees reap the benefits of these training & development programs frequently.

At Busysoft, we also encourage & support continuing education to enhance job & management-related skills and provide opportunities to our employees to attend intensive conferences & seminars. We believe that developing our people is an investment for both our people & the future of Busysoft.