Service Overview

Service Overview

Our extensive list of services, skills, and technology solutions continues to evolve to match that of the everchanging tech landscape. Our innovation-first mind-set cements us as one of the leading-edge custom software teams and drives us to develop software and mobile solutions for our clients that produce accurate results.

Our elite in-house team specializes in engineering, product development, cloud architecture, and digital transformation. Our experience, disciplined process, and rigorous coding standards allow us to rapidly and reliably deliver software that meets the needs of the world's most demanding healthcare organizations.'

Our extensive list of software products is designed for numerous healthcare organizations which includes B to B Laboratory, Hospital Laboratory, Clinician Laboratory, Franchise Laboratory, Hospital Laboratory, Private Laboratory, Laboratory Aggregator, Reference Laboratory, Clinical Research Laboratory, Diagnostic Centers, Blood Banks, Clinical Trial & Research Laboratory.

Our Key Success to Smarter Healthcare

  • ERP LIMS integrates Total Workflow of Information in Medical Laboratory Management.
  • Improves Performance, Ease of Access, Role-Based Security, Ease of Use, Reduced Hardware & Software and IT costs, Green application: Paperless control at every stage of operation, Redundancy check.
  • Interfacing with Accounting Software (SAP, Tally & Busy).
  • Interfacing with courier companies for Sample Pick-up & Report Delivery Logistics.
  • Interfacing with Banks, Payment Devices & Gateways.
  • Fingerprint and Digital Signature type 1, 2, 3 Interface for Security and Authentication of Reports.
  • Linking with WhatsApp (Business).
  • Good Laboratory Practice is monitored using Security and Audit Trail, TAT & Quality Control.
  • Advance Workflows for Specialized Laboratory Medicine.
  • Interfacing with Risk Assessment Software, Microscopes etc.
  • Reception Q-Management and Workstation Q-Management using Mobile Devices.
  • Digital MRD.
  • D-Imager PACS with Server, Viewer, Workstation & Worklist management.
  • Asset Management System with Environment data recording such as Temperature, Humidity.
  • Web application, Desktop application with Hybrid Environment.
  • Multi-branch and Multi-location Software in both Online and Offline Mode (Data Synchronization).
  • Mobile Apps for Patients, Referring doctors, Franchises, Collection Executives, Marketing Executives and Trackman (Sample Pick-up & Report Delivery Logistics App for Riders).
  • HR, Employee Training, Competency Management, Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Marketing and Communications.
  • Database Security and No Data sharing with third party.
  • Accounts Payables and Receivables fully Monitored.

Our Few Specialty Modules to Manage your Workload

  • Clinical Pathology
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Immunology, Serology
  • Clinical Chemistry Laboratories.
  • Hematology: Analysis of Blood Cells.
  • Genetic Health Assessment & Diagnostic Centre (Thalassemia, NIPT, PNS, New-Born screening).
  • Cytogenetics
  • Reproductive Biology: Semen Analysis
  • Anatomic Pathology: Histopathology, Cytopathology etc.
  • Radiological Imaging: RIS module for linking with Radiology Modalities, Workload Management, DICOM Server, Viewer with Reporting Tool.