Clinic Practice
Management System(CPMS)

Product Introduction Speciality Modules Patient Workflows

Product Introduction

Docmate Software

  • Take pictures directly from operating instruments such as endoscope, laryngoscope, echo cardiography, ultrasound etc.
  • Keep video, still images
  • Record voice, convert into text, playback any time
  • Use electronic writing pen and pad just like paper
  • Keep patient photos

Direct Digital Still and Video Images into the Patient Records*

  • Most advanced feature - for keeping complete patient records along with Images
  • Capture digital images directly from operating instruments such as endoscopes, laryngoscopes, microscopes, ultrasound, echocardiography, x-ray machines.
  • Use any digital cameras for patient images ideal for surgeons, dentists, plastic surgeons
  • Keep them as video or still images
  • Play back whenever required
  • Digital images are kept visit wise for each patient
  • Can be printed on paper along with doctor comments(* Optional)


Voice Recognition On

  • Voice record any details of patient
  • Medical transcription later on whenever required
  • Direct Data conversion into text use any voice recognition software into patient details for neat and clean records
  • Listen to these recordings whenever required

Use Writing Pad

  • Use electronic writing pad to write hand written prescription
  • Draw pictures with notes

Works as per you-use your Own Words

  • Very versatile and can moulded as per the specialty of the doctor
  • Docmate gives list of predefined set of information as per your specialty
  • You can change, add and remove as per your own method of working.

Speciality Modules

Predefined Speciality Forms for obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paediatrics.

  • Special options for Obs-Gynae-Complete details about past and current details
  • Immunization records and reports for paediatric
  • Records for child growth, mile stones and graphs with normal values

Predefined Formats

  • Each physician has own method of recording patient details such as history, clinical notes, complaints, diagnosis and findings
  • Multiple-choice type of options which can be just tick marked thus no need of typing
  • The physician can also type any further details if needed

History and Clinical Notes Review

  • Maintains patients History (Past, present and social) along with past and present problems
  • Two mouse clicks will show the complete details to the doctor
  • History can be maintained as per the clinicians requirements & needs

Patient Visits Review

  • All list of past visits with complaint, diagnosis and treatment
  • At a glance doctor can have date wise review of visits starting from most recent visit to previous visits
  • Complete details of vitals, complaints, findings, investigations, diagnosis, instructions and treatment given can be seen while patient gets settled in the chair


  • The prescriptions can be directly printed or faxed or emailed as required.
  • The Clinician can choose among various parameters to be printed in the prescription.
  • It shows total record of patient prescription with Vitals, Complaints, Findings, Investigations, Diagnosis, Instructions, Treatments given.
  • The clinician can view complete drug database at this location. The system would warn about drug interactions, allergies while prescribing the drugs to the patient.
  • The prescription can be printed as per predefined parameters. The details to be printed can also be selected for the prescription.
  • Special comments on the treatment can be inserted while making prescriptions.
  • Revisit button to quickly repeat patient visit
  • Look at patient master details


Patient Education - Animations, Photos, Video Clips, Text

  • Docmate includes standard patient information brochures, or you can create your own
  • These details can be animations, video clips, photographs, hand drawn pictures and written text

Patient certificates, Letters, Consent Forms

  • Written certificates such as fitness certificates, referral letters, consent forms

Patient Workflows

Receipts, Bills and Panel Billing (Company Billing)

  • Maintain categorized charge list for easy selection of charges.
  • Issue bill, receipt to the patient depending on services rendered. Print receipt wise collection list as and when required.
  • Doctor can keep track of panel billing by selecting the panel companies. A bill can be printed to these companies whenever required.
  • Issue multiple receipts in case of part payments.

Multi Doctor Option

  • Ideal for Polyclinic under Docmate-Polyclinic
  • Receptionist can give appointments for each doctors seperately
  • Doctor is able to see own patient details


Comprehensive Reports

  • Keep track of panel billing for panel companies. Print bill as and when required.
  • Patient Details Sheets
  • Complete patient history along with history, Clinical notes, Visits, Immunization
  • Patient visit list
  • Prescription with option of printing any of the prescription details
  • Patient Billing slip, Receipt, Bills
  • Information to patients
  • Patient list
  • Receipt Register
  • Immunization card, due report, reminder
  • Vaccine wise Report
  • Referring doctor list
  • Panel Billing and Ledger

Single or Multi-Users

  • Available for one user or many users under network
  • Multi-user Docmate gives access to all the staff
  • Users can also be allowed or disallowed access to information as per requirements
  • Multiple doctors can also share the information for patient
  • Secretary can keep track of appointments, arrival and departure of patient
  • Doctor can view list of arrived and appointed patients as and when required

Platform-Windows Based

  • Docmate is windows based software.
  • Total support and interaction with other windows based software products.
  • It can be used in conjunction with internet, email, remote access software's effortlessly.

Ease of Use

  • Docmate has been designed as per normal medical practice followed in keeping patient record.
  • You need not be computer literate to work this software.
  • With minimum number of keystrokes you can record patient data efficiently and without loosing primary objective of giving maximum attention to your patient.
  • The patient details can be put in place either by typing or by clicking few options or by voice recording