Dimager-Dicom PACS
and Teleradiology Solution

Introduction Dimager PACS Hardware and Software Requirements


Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the standard for communicating and managing medical imaging information and related data. DICOM is both a protocol for transmitting images and a file format for storing them. Medical imaging devices communicate with the application server through the DICOM protocol. Clinicians can then locate and view the image they want to see at a workstation in an office or clinic setting.

Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a medical imaging technology used primarily in healthcare organizations to store and digitally transmit electronic images and clinically-relevant reports securely. PACS eliminates the need to file manually, store, retrieve and send sensitive information, films, and medical reports. Instead, medical documentation and images can be securely housed in on-site or off-site servers and safely accessed from anywhere in the world using PACS software, workstations, and mobile devices.

Medical imaging storage technologies such as PACS are increasingly crucial as the volume of digital medical images grows throughout the healthcare industry, and data analytics of those images becomes more prevalent. PACS uses the DICOM protocol to store and transmit images.

Dimager PACS

Dimager is a DICOM PACS and a teleradiology solution. It works with integration with Labmate.net ERP LIMS.

Following are the various product versions and functionalities available. The following sections give the details of Software Modules, features charts, Hardware and Software Requirements List, system architecture, and implementation Scenarios.

The Main Modules are:

Dimager DICOM PACS SERVER software:

  • Dimager is an application for receiving images from all DICOM modalities and storing them into PACS Server automatically.
  • Data and Image server for all the modalities such as MRI, CT scan, CR, CATH Lab, Endoscopy, Echo CD, U/S, Mammography, OPG

Dimager Workstation Software:

  • DICOM workstation with image view, Image processing, Attributes setup, Annotation Labels, Measurement Labels, PS, Slide Show, Dicom filmer printing, Dicom CD write, Image transfer, and retrieve using C-get, C-move.
  • Reporting function using a rich text editor as well as Microsoft Word.
  • Working station of operator
  • Print/films
  • Receive, Send images
  • Edit images

Dimager MWL/MPPS

  • DICOM workload list management along with Modality performed procedure step linked with Labmate Registration procedures
  • Linked option in Labmate
  • loading Workload list in modalities updating patient flow in Labmate for TAT in Radiology

Dimager Web viewer

  • DICOM viewer with image view, Image processing for remote viewing
  • For viewing only w/l, preset application, measurements, scale, text
  • Reporting using an online text editor
  • Can also use MS-WORD
  • Web browser-based


Dimager Image convert (Requires Module Dimager PACS server)

  • DICOM Image conversion to JPEG and storage in Labmate
  • Linked option in Labmate
  • Loading images in the Cloud server

Dimager Interlink (Require Module 1)

  • HIS/LIS/RIS interlink
  • Sending data to his hl7, DICOM
  • Receiving data from his hl7, DICOM

Scope-imager with DICOM

  • Capture non-DICOM and convert to DICOM
  • Sending images to the DICOM server
  • Still and video capture
  • Image editing
  • Video image capture composite video, s-video, HDMI

Hardware and Software Requirements

Data Server

Eight-core 64 Bit Xeon Processor, 32GB RAM, Minimum Raid 1, Hard Disk 500 Gb High-speed SSD OR SAS, Windows 2012 R or higher

PACS File Server

64 Bit Xeon Processor Quad-core ,16 GB RAM, Hard Disk 1x2Tb High-speed SATA depends upon data storagerequirements of images

Web Server

64 Bit Xeon Processor Quad-core processor, 16 GB RAM, Hard Disk 1x500 Gb High-speed SATA

Application Server

64 Bit Xeon Processor Quad-core processor16 GB RAMHard Disk 1x500 Gb High-speed SATA

PC for Windows/Web Clients

13, 15 32 Bit/64 Bit ,4 GB RAM, Hard Disk 1x500 Gb High-speed SATA, Windows 10, 11

Other Peripherals and software requirements


Standard Laser printer

Flatbed or feeder scanner

Standard Scanner

DVD Writer

DVD Writer

DICOM Printers

DICOM Printers

Barcode scanners

Hand-held barcode laser scanners

Barcode printer

Standard Thermal transfer barcode printer width 4.25” resolution 203

Hardware Firewall

Standard Hardware firewall with security features


Internet Access

High-speed internet broadband service minimum 2 Mbps for online booking or Internet Lease port 512 Kbps for online booking and reporting

LAN requirements

Gigabit Lan connections with 16 port switch minimum (Do not install wi/fi network)


Good Antivirus at server and clients

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe acrobat reader 9. x or above

MS Office Excel

Microsoft MS-Excel to view excel report formats

Web browser

IE 9 or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox