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Customer Support Service

Busysoft products backed by excellent customer service is the main motto of the company. Busysoft provides warranty, annual maintenance, andone-timepaid technical assistance as part of the service package. The services include:

  • Pre-implementation plan
  • To Guide customers on environment and infrastructure requirements. It includes hardware, software, workforce, third-party services requirements, workflows, and planning of workspace.
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Day to day customer support
  • Flow implementation
  • Understanding of new requirements and development
  • User acceptance testing
  • Retraining on new modules, functions, and flows
  • Documentation of Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) if required

Support Types

Technical Support Agreements

Busysoft Provides three types of technical support agreements are Warranty, Annual Maintenance Contract, and incident support.


The warranty support is to manage the application generally for 12 months from the Final user acceptance date. The warranty period may change as per contract agreements. The warranty covers the following:

  • The customer requires changes in reports, Screens, business rules without changes in the Database.
  • The customer requires optimization within the scope of functionality in key screens without affecting the core functions.
  • The customer requires refinement of the process flow within the scope of functionality.
  • Online Support to Your IT Manager and his team from experts throughout the year as and when required.
  • Emergency Visits by Team on issues of importance based on the request by the customer The charges for the same are payable as extra along with taxes depending upon location. Busysoft will raise separate invoices for such visits. A customer can also make the arrangements for the onsite support visits.

Annual Maintenance Contract:

A yearly maintenance contract (AMC) is available with a nominal fee after the warranty period expires. The features of the AMC service are the same as the warranty period. Busysoft may not update the product as per the contract If the customer skips the AMC service in between. In such cases, the existing product is to be maintained.

Incident Support:

The above services are also available on a per-incident or hourly basis for those customers who elect not to have a customer support contract with Busysoft. Product updates are available at 50% of the retail cost for these customers.

Features of Technical Support Agreements

Proactive Customer Support:

Busysoft Customer Support Department plays long before any problem or issue arises. Our Support Team works on various defined policies, which also include Information Security Policies & Maintenance Plans.



Busysoft also provides Product Manuals to each client with a FAQ section on our website to ensure our clients’ service is always available online. Customers have access to our extensive online help system and comprehensive tutorials.

Training Programs:

We always endeavor our customer service employees with extensive training programs to ensure they are answerable to any clients’ questions and help solve their queries.

Unlimited Online Support:

Clients receiving Busysoft customer support are entitled to many support requests, including technical assistance and “How To” answers from our help desk. We provide unlimited telephone support for technical problems that develop during the operation of the software.

Online Executives:

Our live customer support executive representatives handle all inquiries.


Busysoft updates the software to all supported customers under warranty and annual maintenance. The changing business policies, regulatory requirements, agencies, and other requirements can require software updates. Our software products include an update with new reports, enhancements, and changes.Our update service results in substantial savings compared to other vendors who charge for required updates or classify an update as an upgrade to justify the fee.

Onsite Visits:

The customer can request onsite visits. However, all Onsite visits are chargeable as per the contract.

Escalation Matrix:

Busysoft plans rigorous training programsfor the support team to gain better product knowledge & troubleshooting skills. Our people can handle your queries independently; however, our in-house escalation matrix helps the support team to contact & refer to the next level for more complex issues. Busysoft always empowers its people to provide vital customer service by giving them the tools & skills to work well with esteemed customers.


Customer service is an ongoing proposition that should radiate from the owner to each employee. Offering excellent customer support includes showing that our business is reliable and consistent over time. We continually explore new methods so our clients can reach us more effectively. We have an ever-ending program to conduct surveys from our clients on a formal & informal basis in regular intervals about what we can do to improve our service or go the extra mile. We always believe that Improvement to the service level is a never-ending process, and we endeavor to do so since 1988.

The support timings:

Customer Support is available during the regular working hours of Busysoft. However, in extreme circumstances, the period may extend beyond the working hours of the company. The general working hours are 9 am to 7 pm 6 days a week. Sundays and other holidays, the service center does not operate. However, the customer can contact their service partners for personal support depending upon their availability.

Customer Services Channels

Telecommunication Support

We have telecommunication customer service agents providing information about a particular product or service to customers by receiving phone calls. These phone numbers are available on our contact page. Our customers can reach whenever they want to inquire or make a request about sales and services. Our customer service executives are well informed about the products and services provided by the company. They can answer customer’s queries, both in Hindi and English, patiently and give a good description of the situation. They are also good at verbal and written communication. Busysoft maintains call customer calls records for future reference.

To work better with telecommunication, we also have a Dedicated Voice Response System (VRS), which can direct people to the service provider as per their needs.

Customer Support Portal

Customers registered on the customer portal can record the issues on this portal. Customer Portal is one of the fastest and reliable ways to provide customer service to our customers. Customers can also attach screenshots or can send documents, videos, images regarding the issues. The team will address these issues and will be resolved and closed after confirmation from the customer. The customers can follow every request and the timeline for escalation if required.

Email Support

Email is also one of the fastest and reliable ways to provide customer service to our customers. Customers can write emails to the company containing their queries and can get a prompt reply from us. Customers can email requirements or issues with attached screenshots, data, and report formats for quick response.

Live Chat Support

We are developing this service to avoids human interaction to provide quick queries and get responses in the middle of a purchase or support service.

Social Media Support

The customers can pose queries and support requests on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please check these links on the home page of our site. Click here to go to the home page. These are the most famous social media platform to provide help to our customers. Other than that, WhatsApp is also used to provide information about all pre-sales and post-sales support services.

Self–Service Knowledge Base

We have uploaded various videos, images, and step–by–step procedures. The self–service knowledge base is updated regularly as per the company’s terms and conditions. These are also available to our registered customers. The customers can view these using customer id and password.

Interactive Voice Response System

Our Interactive Voice Response system directs the customer to the information they want using IVR options. The IVR might ask for the order number and retrieve information about the status of the order. Our IVR has various advantages over traditional telecommunication systems such as, it can take many queries in less time, and also IVR can answer the customer’s questions after working hours and even on the weekends.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page is available on the website. Users can search all relevant and frequently asked questions and queries and their answers and solutions. Our senior team has deep knowledge about the company’s products and services, and policies prepare FAQs. The FAQ will also help in pre-sales queries by customers.

Help Videos- Demos or Webinars

Now a days, people are tech-savvy, and they research the things or services to make their worth before buying them. Busysoft provides help videos and free-of-cost webinars to give them a platform to try our services before investing in them.

Onsite Customer Service

Busysoft can provide onsite customer service at the workplace of the customer. However, this type of customer service is not free of charge. The amount charged is as per work done, days, and distance. It includes all boarding and lodging expenses.

Contact Support

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