Partnership Programs

Busysoft partner program creates a channel partner to help market and sell Busysoft products and services to customers. Busysoft requires the channel partners to propagate the products to target segments which it may not reach. The channel partners are the associated marketing and sales team of Busysoft. We encourage the team and it helps everyone, including the customer. The customer gets to know us better thru the channel partner with evaluation and implementation procedures. Busysoft also can understand the user requirements, its environment and business strategies. The channel partners are usually from the same location and business environment and help us in the preliminary case study in offering the right product and modules. Remunerations are paid to the channel partners accordingly.

Busysoft Partners gives more personalized and unified solutions for businesses. Partner enhances the customer experience by establishing themselves as a Busysoft brand ambassador. Through this relationship of a partnership, we pool our experts and their expertise for the benefit of our clients. The program offers chances to extend our services and products. We primarily focus on the constant development of business solutions in the market as per changing technology and requirements.

Types of Partnerships

Partner programs are as per the specific needs of channel companies. The models are:


The consultant may recommend products but not resell them. The consultant will have access to technical documentation, product training and support for helping the evaluation of the product for the customer. Busysoft pays partners according to the contract.

Value-added Reseller (VAR):

A VAR adds value to Busysoft products that are managed and serviced after installation. VAR gives all requirements and subsequent support to the customer.

Managed Service Providers (MSP):

The MSP aspect of the partner program sells, installs and supports customers directly. Busysoft will supply the software to MSP for selling to its end customers. Busysoft will monitor and support MSP in case of any issues.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM):

The OEM partners are technology partners. OEM products and Busysoft products sold to customers are integrated products developed as a joint IT solution.

Referring Partners:

The Partners recommends and gives customer reference to Busysoft for selling to the customers. The partner gets one-time remuneration for service. The partners do not resell them and are not involved in any installation, service and support. They also have no access to documentation and other technical details.

Requirements of Becoming Business Partners

  • The partners must work in a defined location area and should be willing to work in the area only.
  • Partners should have a certain number of customers within the sector and supply these customers with devices and products.
  • Partners can also have their own information technology, hardware and software company and are looking for other products to gain customers within a new market.
  • It should have a team of few technically competent people.
  • It should be running a proper business with business account and statutory requirements.
  • It should have knowledge and understanding of a business domain.

Roles Jobs and Responsibilities of Business Partners

  • Developing marketing strategies.
  • Developing marketing material.
  • Creating prospective customers list in the area.
  • Keeping track of customers current products and facilities and satisfaction levels.
  • Understand the current competitors in the area and make the list.
  • Understand the competitor products and make a pros and cons feature list.
  • Understand the product modules and rate structure of competitor products.

How Partner Programs Work

Channel partners expect some resources and benefits from Busysoft programs. Distinctive features of partner programs include the following:

Technical Training and Sales Enablement:

Busysoft provides specialized training in various formats, such as online via learning management systems or in-person sessions. Sales-related content includes live demos, demo videos, webinars, white papers, competitor comparisons and presentations. The technical training prepares the partner’s sales team for fruitful customer engagements.

Incentives and Discounts:

Partners get Incentives to sell Busysoft products and services. The incentive percentage will depend upon partner roles and responsibilities and contract value. Partner programs gives incentives around specific sales initiatives, like acquiring new customers, monthly sales volume and products stocked volume.

Deal Registration:

Partners should register sales leads and request exclusive rights for pursuing the deal. Deal registration helps partners protect their lead, money and time spent in lead follow-up.

Marketing Assets:

Partner programs offer a range of marketing materials, tools and resources that partners can use to unveiling campaigns. As digital marketing became the dominant technique for connecting with customers, Busysoft offers web-based marketing materials, such as social media content, webinars, videos, etc.

Partner Portals:

Busysoft interactions are via web-based portals with its channel partners. Partners can access our lead registration system, online training and sales and marketing information and content using the portal.

The Tasks to be Performed by a Business Partner with Each Customer

  • Visit prospective customers and understand the customer business environment.
  • Register customer leads with Busysoft.
  • Understand the current procedures and methods used.
  • Understand the current product used and requirements and aspirations from the new product in case of crossover to our product.
  • Understand user requirements specifications.
  • Understand the hardware, software and cloud requirements if any.
  • Understand the key people and decision-makers.
  • Negotiate the prices.
  • Finalize the contract.
  • Help Busysoft team in the implementation and also help in logistics.
  • Support in post-implementation.
  • Visit the customers regularly to support and understand any difficulties.
  • Communicate with Busysoft support regarding any challenges and issues, if any, faced by customers.
  • Give regular feedback from critical decision-makers .
  • Help Busysoft in creating and developing new requirements from the customer.
  • Updating customers with new products and modules designed by Busysoft .
  • Help in taking new leads and references from customer.

Why Become a Partner

Get onboard the Busysoft Systems Partner Program as a Registered Partner and scale with the following benefits:

Sales Opportunity:

Achieve business goals and earn recurring revenue over the lifetime value of the customer.

Partner Enabled Training:

Avail of free training programs & events at our costs & free for partners.

Our Products at a Glance:

Support highly customized solutions for our fast-growing customer base.

Busysoft Aspirations

We would like to take in your company in our network to make it stronger. We seek a partnership that benefits all parties, including Customers, you and Busysoft. Busysoft can share information on our partner program on request. You can join Busysoft Partner Program and become a part of a community of partners who prosper by aligning the Busysoft brand in an evolving and growing competitive market. You increase sales, influence industry acquaintance and help customers purchase Busysoft products to grow the customer business.

Partners Views

Here’s what our associates have been saying about us

XYZ Enterprises

"For the past four years, we’ve been the Busysoft Preferred Reseller in the East Region - India. We have been successful in connecting more than 100 clients to the Busysoft suite of products. we have collaborated with Busysoft on different business areas like sales, partner events, product education and marketing by reselling Busysoft products, XYZ Enterprises has been able to grow in double digits in both turnover and profit every year. This makes Busysoft an important part of our strategy where we invest more time, effort and resources to grow our XYZ Enterprises and Busysoft network further in other regions of India"

Gautam Bhardwaj

XYZ Enterprises