Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan

We generally classify the maintenance plans into five categories:

Corrective Maintenance Plan

When a software feature is not working as expected, our testing team reproduces the same and identifies a bug in the software. The role of our Corrective Maintenance Plan is activated wherein the development team performs a few changes in the programming to align it with its original requirements & specifications.:

Preventive Maintenance Plan

The functionality of the Software Application is generally working fine as expected. However, an unimaginable instance occurs when software flow behaves in the circumstances we never tested during the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & nobody ever thought of performing before. It may lead to an error. The role of our Preventive Maintenance Plan comes into play wherein our testing team finds a combination of actions that might not result in expected behavior. The development team performs changes in the codes immediately before the clients are affected by any potential problems.

Adaptive Maintenance Plan

It is a request by the client of changes to the data/flow/program/application that were not part of its original requirements & specifications. The adaptive changes may come out of extreme necessity, either of a forthcoming upgrade or new conditions and accept the same. The role of our Adaptive Maintenance Plan activates & follows the SDLC Lifecycle.

Perfective Maintenance Plan

A Complain by our client about the performance of the Software Application is not as it was before due to more extensive data stored in the data persistence layer wherein certain areas start to become slower to operate. The Perfective Maintenance Plan is activated to identify & fix the issue about the performance of the application. It also contributes to future maintainability.

Risk-Based Maintenance Plan

Risk-Based Maintenance Plan includes Pre-Maintenance & Auto Maintenance. For Example, an automatic database backup. It prioritizes the maintenance of resources that carry the most risk if they were to fail. The care is to optimize and minimize any risk of failure. A Risk-Based Maintenance Plan starts where assets or applications with a greater risk & consequence of loss are maintained & monitored more frequently. Busysoft has a specialized team of Risk Assessment & Maintenance Planning. We offer consultation to our clients with Risk Management & Contiguous plans and recommendations for its Software Products.