Documented Implementation

Documented Implementation - SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle)


We always start with a plan! In planning process, we identify the team, the timeline of execution, the implementation to be done on stages or altogether, new security measure, any process that can be affected with the new application, personnel involved for testing & training.

Process Design

Implementation of New Software Application probably needs new processes to the logic. Process design includes the prototype & flowchart of the application wherein we get to identify the most reliable, speedy & cost-effective solution to the application design.

Solution or Product Design

It is actually a road-map of the requirements & processes to meet together. In this process we map the product design with your requirements. The ultimate aim of solution/product design is to identify which features of our new software application can be used just as they are and which aspects will need to be customized to fit the needs of our clients.


This is one of the critical phase of SDLC wherein a lot of brains work together for coding and deliver the desire software product. Our dedicated team of programmers are sub-divided into sub phases called task allocation, so every programmer has their own coding task.

Implementation & Integration

Normally a software contains an extensive number of programs, which require careful implementation and step-by-step integration of the software product. In this compilation of the software application, the project team checks whether the software product runs on various system platforms.


Software Testing

We have a dedicated team of Software Testing who plays a crucial role for the quality of the software, functionality and its performance. Our Quality Analysts test the software using various test cases. In this process, Quality Control Checks plays a vital role which includes Functional Testing, Navigation Structure Workflow, Performance Tests, Interface Testing, Compatibility Check, Load Test, Stability & Security Tests. The software product needs verification which includes software testing and debugging done by testers. When testing department ensured that software is error-free, it goes to the next stage.

Installation and Maintenance

Finally, the software is handed over to the Installation & Support Department who installs & Configure the software applications & its prerequisites on the client location. After the installation, if the client needs any modification or improvements in the product is to come under the maintenance process.