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The Company

Busysoft Systems Private Limited is the software solutions, information technology services and consultancy provider in healthcare, automation, process monitoring and control systems. Busysoft has its headquarters in Delhi and its direct business spans India, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Our indirect OEM products are in use in over 40 countries. Our industry domain experience includes healthcare, banking, export management, rubber industry laboratory testing and quality control, school management, accounting and other business applications. Busysoft is one of the significant suppliers of healthcare software solutions.

Busysoft works with organizations of all sizes as their lifecycle technology and solutions development partner. Busysoft has the talent and dedicated resources to produce successful business results from architecture design to implementation, launch and ongoing support. With a team of highly skilled developers, support staff and methodologies, Busysoft develops end-to-end digital transformation solutions of any scope. Busysoft delivers innovation for competitive advantage, high-precision development and close contact with the business community.

Brief History

Mr. Kamal Kant Gupta started Busysoft in 1988 as a proprietorship software development company. It was incorporated in March 1996 and became Busysoft Systems Private Limited. For more than three decades, Busysoft has been serving technology development, software solutions and support to more than 18000 clients in various business domains. We provide years of industry expertise and superior software engineering capabilities to meet and exceed the demands of our client’s mission-critical software projects.

Technology and People

Busysoft helps organizations assess, identify and chart new digital strategies and technologies built upon creative thinking, new business opportunities and technical innovation. We embrace the strengths of domain knowledge and the finest engineering talent to design and workflows, Implement software solutions, mobile applications, complex products & platforms and digital transformation services. Busysoft develops software applications on all platforms, including desktop, mobile, embedded technologies, web and cloud.

Busysoft has the power of tried and tested frameworks, strong domain knowledge, a large pool of certified technology specialists. We bring tailor-made, industry-specific solutions to the market that help meet your business challenges while increasing operational efficiency. We have leveraged over three decades of expertise and experience in meeting the IT needs of enterprises. The knowledge enables us to offer comprehensive IT solutions that encompass best-of-breed products, best-practice IT services and best-in-class enterprise solutions. We help architect, implement and manage the entire IT lifecycle of our customers through a complete portfolio of IT Services. Busysoft has experience in handling complex integration projects in India and abroad. Multi-platform expertise, extensive reach and tested delivery mechanisms help us deliver reliable, high-quality, cost-effective IT services. The Consulting portfolio includes Strategic Consulting Services, IT Governance & Optimization Consulting, Process Consulting, Business Continuity and Risk Management Consulting.

Work Environment and Employee Relations

At Busysoft, we offer employees a work environment that quenches their thirst for knowledge while helping them nurture their aspiration for technology innovation and implementation. The employees get to traverse a path strewn with values, performance, learning, quality, teamwork, quality of the workplace - all those facets of work-life that they cherish the most. We expect our employees to be honest, hardworking and dedicated to the company well being. The employees work at their own pace and deliver error-free software with high user experience and customer satisfaction. Employees remunerations are at par with industry and increased regularly depending upon consistency, dedication, performance, delivery and learning capabilities.

Company Goals

Busysoft will deliver reliable, high-quality, cost-effective software solutions and services to the customers to help them grow their business. Busysoft will give customers the greatest return on investments and maintain the software and services with emerging technologies, features and facilities.

MD Kamal Kant Gupta

Mr Kamal Kant gupta is a software systems designer and implementer by profession. He is systems man and has keen understanding of healthcare applications as he has devoted most of career since 1988 in the field of healthcare applications. He started his carrier in 1985 as software engineer. He is Practical information technology developer and implementer of systems and services with over three decades of experience and a proven track record of architecting and delivering reliable and scalable systems in a variety of areas, such as financial services, banking, Export management, Healthcare and control systems. He is energetic, customer focused software professional.

Over 37 years of management experience on software development with Microsoft technologies. Has thorough knowledge of complete software development process and ability to take a project from initial startup and analysis through to complete of production deployment and support. Experience in architecting and design/development of applications in traditional software delivery model in desktop applications, client server and web-based and Mobile applications. Main experience in the industry of healthcare and Industrial automation applications (Process monitoring and control systems).

He is MS in software systems and Master in Management Studies from prestigious Birla institute of Technology and Science (BITS Pilani, Rajasthan).

With his avid experience of installing healthcare and other applications in over 18000 installations, he has been guiding force for his customer to provide end to end solutions. His expertise helps the customer in properly choosing the solution, implementation plan, fulfilling hardware and software requirements, manpower and organizational requirements, training and support, backup management and maintenance of software systems. He has been presenter and exhibitor at numerous occasions at conferences of DMA, IAPM and APP for several years. His company was also chosen as “The 10 Most Valuable Healthcare Solutions Provider 2016” by Insights Success Magazine.