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Introduction Flow Diagram Privacy Policy


Phlebomate is a home collection executive (Phlebotomist) mobile application for ERP LIMS software Clients. This application connects:

  • Phlebotomists (Home sample collection executives) employed by the Medical Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Patient
  • Home collection Management (HCM) application (Software Module in ERP LIMS application)
  • Medical diagnostic laboratories ( ERP LIMS Clients)

The flow diagram is explained below

  • A patient may request home collection by various methods. This may be either by lab visit, calling customer support, via email, SMS, WhatsApp, social sites or lead management systems
  • A receptionist at the customer support centre will register a home collection request in the Home Collection Management (HCM) application
  • A home collection coordinator may select a home collection executive depending on the collection area of the patient. On selection of a sample collection phlebotomist, an SMS, email, or WhatsApp, notification message is generated informing both the patient and collection executive confirming the collection request. The patient will also receive a Start OTP. This start OTP is required by the Phlebotomist before starting the sample collection.
  • The collection executive can check the Phlebomate App for all the requests and can plan the visits accordingly.
  • The collection executive geolocation of the user is submitted to HCM at regular intervals.
  • The request information shown in the Phlebomate App includes patient demographics, contact number, address, tests requested, date and time samples to be collected, samples to be collected and the total amount charged
  • The collection executive will collect the samples, label them with pre-printed barcodes, scan documents, and collect payments using this App.
  • The App will submit the data to the home collection application web services API.This data will be saved in the Home Collection Management (HCM) which is part of the ERP LIMS database.
  • The collection executive will deliver the samples to the processing lab reception along with the collected money.
  • The samples will be segregated and distributed for preprocessing and processing
  • The Samples will be processe
  • The results will be uploaded to ERP LIMS database for delivering to patients.

The Salient features of the app

  • The app seamlessly integrates the sample collection process from the patient's home.
  • The samples are barcoded at the sample collection location of the patient to ensure the positive ID of each sample
  • The patients will be registered automatically on receipt of the sample in the lab. The labs can process the samples immediately after preprocessing.
  • The payment details are updated for each patient.
  • The patient can track the collection executive.
  • The patient receives a home collection registration notification, sample collected notification, money receipt, sample received and processed along with a report download link.

Screen Shots of Phlebomate App

All Orders
Patient Order
Sample details
Sample collection

Privacy Policy

(version 1.1, 1 Jan 2024)

This privacy policy is directed at the users of the Phelbomate App


Busysoft Systems Private Limited, with its registered office in Delhi (India) hereinafter referred to as “Busysoft” develops and manages websites, online software and mobile apps, including the Phelbomate App. This app will be used by healthcare providers, hereinafter referred to as “Client (s)”. The app is intended for sample collection executives, and/or legal representatives of the healthcare providers hereinafter referred to as “User” when referring to the “users of the app”.

Terms and conditions privacy statement

By using the Phelbomate App, you accept all terms and conditions as set out in this privacy statement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set out in this privacy statement, Busysoft will ask you to stop using the Phelbomate App immediately.

Purpose and target group privacy statement

The privacy statement provides Data Subjects/Users and healthcare providers that use the Phelbomate App with an understanding of how Busysoft processes and protects Personal Data on instructions from the Clients. Although Busysoft cannot be considered the Controller of the processing in the Phelbomate App, it is aware, for reasons of transparency, of the importance of providing information about the processing of Personal Data.

Phelbomate App and purpose of processing

The purpose of processing in the Phelbomate App is to help the users’ i.e. “Phlebotomists” to collect the samples from the patients from home. A patient can request home sample collection from the clients (the medical testing laboratories). The request is recorded in the Home Collection Management (HCM) Application. The HCM application provides all the data to the Phelbomate App on request after login. The data provided to the app using APIs includes:

User data Category Field requirements
Name Personal Mandatory
Date of Birth Personal Non-Mandatory
Age Personal Mandatory
Gender Sensitive Mandatory
Address Personal Mandatory
Mobile Number Personal Mandatory
Email Personal Non-Mandatory
Tests Required Important Mandatory
Samples to be collected Important Mandatory
Amount to be collected Important Mandatory

The data collected by the app includes:

User data Category Field requirements
Sample collection date time Important Mandatory
Patient documents such as Doctor prescription slips and another
document picture (if allowed by the patient)
Not Important Non-Mandatory
Patient ID proof pictures (If allowed by the patient) Not Important Non-Mandatory
Charge Amount Not Important Non-Mandatory

This data is not stored in the Phelbomate App. These contents are collected and submitted via APIs and are stored in the online Home Collection Management (HCM) application.

Data stored and collected by the Phelbomate App

The Phelbomate Appstores the following user data (Phlebotomist) in temporary shared preference and is washed after logout. This is used to authenticate the user in the HCM application. The HCM application provides the data using APIs after authentication only.

User data Category Field requirements
User ID Important Mandatory
Centre ID Important Non-Mandatory
Registration code Important Mandatory
Mobile No Important Mandatory
Email Id Non Important Non-Mandatory
User Name Important Mandatory

The data collected by the app includes:

User data Category Field requirements
Geolocation of the user Important Mandatory

Retention period

The Phelbomate Appstores user authentication data in temporary shared preference and washed after logout. The geolocation data is stored in the Home Collection Management (HCM) application and is retained for monitoring and controlling purposes by the clients. Busysoft has no control over the purpose and usage of this information.

Transfer to third parties

To ensure that the Phelbomate App works properly, third parties may be engaged, for example, for sending SMSs for notification and authentication. The OTP includes

User data Category Field requirements
Login OTP Important Mandatory
Start OTP
(To start the collection process,
This OTP is sent to the Patient by HCM application
at the time of home collection registration)
Important Mandatory

Duty to report data breaches

Any data breaches must be reported by the Data Controller(s) i.e. clients to the designated authority. Where necessary and possible, Busysoft is obliged to cooperate with this.

Security measures

Busysoft takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect Personal Data against loss or any kind of unlawful processing. As an organization, Busysoft is committed to information security and quality management. Busysoft is also in the process of acquiring certification to both ISO 27001 (information security) and ISO 9001 (quality management).

The security measures taken about the Phelbomate App include, amongst others:

  • Encrypted transport of data
  • Encrypted storage of user data
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Obligation of secrecy for staff of Busysoft
  • Logging actions in the system
  • Encrypted storage of data in the local storage of the smart device of the end user.

Busysoft cannot be held liable if unauthorised persons gain access to the Personal Data through actions outside the control of Busysoft.

Your rights

  • The right to be informed
  • The right of access
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to erasure
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object
  • The right to complainto a supervisory authority

Busysoft supports the clients (the controller of the application data) in its efforts to comply with the statutory provisions relating to the rights of the users. This may include the right to inspection by the users. If you, as a user, wish to use any of the aforementioned rights, you may contact the Clients (Controller) for whom you are working.


Busysoft has taken the utmost care and attention to ensure that the information contained in this privacy statement is correct. However, errors and omissions may occur. Busysoft accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses sustained due to errors or irregularities nor for any damage caused by the use or dissemination of this privacy statement.

Changes to the privacy statement

Busysoft reserves the right to change the privacy statement from time to time if necessary due to changes in legislation or other developments. These changes are communicated by push notification to Users of the Phelbomate app. You can also find an update of the latest version of the privacy statement in the app. Busysoft is not responsible if the push notifications function on the User’s device has not been activated. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can send an email to or call telephone number +91 011-40073845, 011-40073846, 011-49039444 on working days during office hours.