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How to Buy How to Order Mode of Payment Mode of Deployment Mode of Delivery

How to Buy

Customers who intend to purchase Busysoft software are encouraged to take a demonstration of the product. The sales and marketing executives can do product demo via in-premise, online, videos, or webinars depending on customers convenience. They are sometimes also supported by customer support executives and system analysts. The demonstration includes:

  • Understanding of customer business model
  • Knowing customer business requirements
  • Explanation of various business models implementation
  • Software demonstration and working test cases
  • Discussion on similar deployments and customers
  • Description of software and hardware needs
  • Cost of the project
  • Implementation plan
  • Post-Sale support
  • AMC

We also try to answer queries such as

  • What are the deployment platform and models allowing for easy implementation and integration?
  • How long will implementation take?
  • Will it be easy to learn for users yet powerful for business operations?
  • What type of Software Support and its cost?
  • What about data security and accessibility of data?
  • What type of hardware or software is needed?
  • What type of support services and uptime of software on various deployment modes?
  • How about customizations of flows and procedures and cost?
  • What about software updates as per changing business environment?
  • Will Upgraded software work without fail or remain as functional as before?
  • What type of precautions and data backup are required?
  • What are disaster recovery plans?

How to Order

Busysoft presents a product introduction guide, brochure, and a proposal with the quotation to the customer. The proposal includes:

  • Management Overview
  • Product Quotation
  • Software Modules & features included
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Network Diagram
  • System Network Architecture
  • Payment Terms
  • Bank Details
  • Statutory details of Busysoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.

After approval of the quotation, a purchase order is to be issued by the customer. On receiving a purchase order or letter of intent, Busysoft generates a Proforma Invoice. The customer pays an advance amount as per terms and conditions to start the product implementation.

Mode of Payment

All payments should be made via Online Bank Transfer/Pay Order/Draft/Cheque in favor of "BUSYSOFT SYSTEMS PVT. LTD." payable at DELHI on any Indian Bank.

Mode of Deployment

We have three options depending upon the product are On-premises, Hosted, and Cloud.


This deployment model is the traditional model. The customer needs to purchase own servers, operating systems, database management systems, premises, power, air-conditioning infrastructure, security, human resources, installation, operations, support, maintenance, up-gradation, integration, customization. This type of model is more secure and enjoys viable options for small and medium-scale customers.


In this environment, the customer takes the services of a third-party data center. Busysoft does not provide data center services, and customerscan choose any other third-party establishment. We can use these servers to deploy the application. The customer accesses the data using the internet via a web browser or through other means such as VPN and Citrix servers. The customers responsibility of maintaining infrastructure is not required to avoid capital expenditure. However, the costs for customizations, upgrades, integration, and support and service still exist since you own the software deployed.

Software as Service (SaaS)

In this model, the customer has to pay-per-month per-user-based subscription. Busysoft deploys the software on a shared server. Busysoft charges a small setup fee and a minimum commitment period,and customers can renew subscriptions periodically.

Mode of Delivery

Busysoft can deliver software products via all the possible modes. It depends upon each product type and its capabilities. The customer needs to know the deployment method of the software. The deployment method will determine the way of delivery. The mode of deployment can be of three types On-Premise, hosted, or Cloud (SaaS). Depending upon this, we can deliver the product via:

Electronic Software Delivery (Via internet)

The customer can download the software from a link given after purchasing the software. This file is generally in ZIP or RAR format, easily downloaded and extracted at the customer site. These files are stored in secured servers and are checked for viruses, and are error-free. However, customers are requested to scan the files from reputed virus scanners.

Physical DVD/CD/Pen Delivery

The customers are sent a DVD or Pen drive (flash Drive) with software, drivers, and manuals. The software is generally in a ZIP or RAR file, easily downloaded and extracted at the customer site. These files are checked for viruses and are error-free. However, customers are requested to scan the files from reputed virus scanners.

Software as Service (SaaS) Pre-installed on the cloud server

SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is permitted to use on a monthly subscription basis and hosted centrally on Busysoft cloud servers.